Maintenance and Operations
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Linden  Unified  School  District



                               Linden Unified School District's Maintenance Department, 

                               led by Tim Sutton, work year around to ensure our students 

                               have a safe and healthy environment that supportive of their 

                               education and achievements.


                               The Department facilitates the maintenance of the District, 

                               including its  school sites, 82 acres of grounds, trans-

                               portation, 3 pools, wells, equipment repairs, emergency,

                               scheduled and preventive maintenance. The Department 

                               also oversees outside facility use, the site Custodians, and 

                               the District's 5-year deferred maintenance plan.


                              Work orders are submitted, projects are prioritized with 

                              student and staff safety at the top of the list. 

                              The Department includes:


                             1  Director                                              1  Clerk

                             1  Maintenance  Worker                   1  Pool  and  Delivery  Worker

                                                                   2  Mow  and  Go  Workers


                             Questions,  comments  or  concerns,  please  call  our  office  at:


                                        Director:  Tim Sutton                 or                  Clerk: Toni Thompson


                                                                PH: 209/946-0707      FAX: 209/946-0457