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February News

This is the time of the year that students are exposed to many viruses and bacteria's.  We have had students out with the flu, pink eye and strep throat to name a few.  This is a great time of the year to remind your children the importance of good hand washing.  Most viruses are spread by hand to mouth contact.  Remind your child to keep their hands off of their face and away from their mouths, eyes and nose.  They should never share eating utensils, water bottles or food.  It is important to have them wash their hands before and after using the restroom, after sneezing or coughing  Tissue needs to be thrown in the garbage can after use.
Keep your child home if they have a fever.  They must be fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of any fever reducing medications, like Tylenol) before they can return to school.
Students may come to school with a cold providing they are able to properly cover their mouth when coughing/sneezing.  
Keep your child home with an undiagnosed rash.  Some rashes are contagious and some are not.  some rashes must be covered while at school.  
Continue to heck y our child for lice/nits.  If needed, please treat as directed.  It is very important to do the second application as indicated on the instructions. 
Many students have asthma and need an inhaler during school hours.  Remember that you must have a Medication to be Dispensed at School form properly filled out and signed by a physician for any medications (prescription or over -the-counter) to be administered at school.  The forms are on the district website or available in the school office.
You may call the Health Office at 209 887-8308 with any questions or concerns.
Patty and Kim