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Here at LUSD Health Services Dept.  we have a partnership with P&G School Programs. They send us samples of deodorant and famine products to be handed out to students in need. This year because of COVID-19 the sponsors choose not to participate.

Unfortunately, we are very low on samples and that is what prompted my “Talking to Teens about Hygiene” program. Next school year I will reapply for the samples, and then we will be stocked up! For now PLEASE talk to your teen about hygiene!!

  • TALKING to teens about hygiene 
  • SHOWER and use body soap every day or every other day
  • WASH face with mild face soap daily
  • SHAMPOO hair often to keep clean and oil free
  • USE deodorant or anti-perspirant to keep odor free and dry under the arms
  • BRUSH and floss your teeth every morning and before bed to control bacteria in the mouth
  • CHANGE your clothes and wear clean underwear and socks everyday


If you'd like more information please contact Kim

LUSD Health Clerk 209.323.0005