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Linden Educational Foundation

The Linden Educational Foundation provides resources to unlock the potential of our children by expanding educational programs and improving infrastruction through donations and support of our community.  We are compromised of teachers, alumni, community members and parents like you.  Our common goal is to promote, support and expand valuable District educational programs and facilities.  Through our efforts, we hope to enhance the availability and quality of these programs and to increase student participation.
Our Goals
  • Raise Funds to support and expand district educational programs and facilities through the purchase of materials, equipment, furniture, and teacher expertise.
  • Promote student, staff and community participation in District programs and access to first class facilities where we can further develop our skills and knowledge.
  • Foster a closer relationship between students, staff and community members of the Linden Unified School District through involvement and participation.
Linden Schools are the Heart of our Community.  Our schools in the Linden area, which include Linden Elementary, Glenwood, Waverly, Waterloo, PRIDE High School, and Linden High School are the link that brings our community together.  If you have graduated from any of these schools or have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews attending, you have seen the important role these schools played and continue to play in our community.  Whether it is a sporting event or a band performance, students and families are visibly proud of their schools.
The Linden Educational Foundation is hoping to heighten and encourage this feeling of pride by enhancing their educational options through donations from people such as you.  With these donations, the foundation can financially support and further the exemplary educational opportunities provided throughout the Linden Unified School District.
The Linden Community possesses a unique small town atmosphere that has always remained an active and a supportive population that truly values education.  Linden Unified School District is an educational system that is trying to meet the needs of every student.  In order to maintain and further improve this educational environment, we need your financial support.  
Your Linden Educational Foundation is only as good as the number of people who participate in making it a success.  We encourage your involvement through donations, volunteering your time, and supporting our events.  Please visit our website at  Any questions can be directed to our email at  With your help, we can continue to expand educational programs and opportunities for every Linden student.