Program Description

Welcome to the Expanded Learning Program offered by the Linden Unified School District! Since August 2008, our program has been dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for student growth and development. We are thrilled to offer the Expanded Learning Programs at Glenwood Elementary, Linden Elementary, Waverly Elementary, and Waterloo Middle School, catering to students from TK to 8th grade. Our programs are available every school day, Monday through Friday, from the time school ends until 6:00 pm.

At Linden Unified School District, we utilize various spaces on campus, including classrooms and multi-purpose rooms, to host a diverse range of engaging activities as part of our Expanded Learning Program. While each program is tailored to the specific needs of its school site, they all share fundamental components that prioritize student growth and social-emotional learning. Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters holistic development for all our students.

Creating a safe and supportive environment is our top priority as we strive to cultivate both academic excellence and personal growth. With this objective in mind, we offer a rich array of educational and enrichment programs meticulously designed to enhance student success. These programs work together harmoniously, nurturing the growth and development of every student. The key components of our program include:

Sign-In: After school dismissal, students proceed directly to the Expanded Learning Program to check-in, ensuring a smooth transition from their regular school day to our program. This process maintains an organized and structured environment while prioritizing safety. By having students report directly to the program, we can effectively track attendance, ensuring that all students are accounted for and promoting their safety and well-being. Additionally, it allows us to promptly address any safety concerns or emergencies that may arise as we have an accurate record of all students present in the program.

Homework: We recognize the importance of academic support. That's why our Expanded Learning Program dedicates a minimum of 45 minutes each day to help students with their homework. Our dedicated Site Assistants, along with ELP Tutors, are available to provide individual assistance and guidance in a quiet and welcoming environment. They support students with their assignments and academic needs, ensuring that each student receives the necessary help to succeed academically. We strive to accommodate the unique learning needs of every student and foster a positive attitude towards learning.

Physical Activity: Our comprehensive program incorporates physical activity into our daily schedule. We believe in the holistic development of our students, which is why we dedicate 45 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. These activities are thoughtfully designed to engage students in fun and active experiences that promote physical fitness, coordination, teamwork, and overall well-being. Our structured physical activities, including active play, sports, and exercises, are carefully planned and organized to ensure that students have the opportunity to actively participate, learn new skills, and develop their physical fitness. By providing regular physical activity, we not only offer a refreshing break for students who have been engaged in academic work all day but also foster healthy lifestyles, promote active learning, and facilitate the building of positive relationships with their peers. Our goal is to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among our students, supporting their physical development alongside their academic and personal growth.

Snack: We understand the significance of proper nourishment for optimal learning, which is why we provide a light afternoon snack to every student. Our carefully selected snack options are designed to promote health and well-being, prioritizing nutritious choices that support healthy eating habits and the overall well-being of our students.

Enrichment: Our Expanded Learning Program offers a minimum of 45 minutes of daily enriching activities across various subjects, including STEAM, project-based learning, literacy, and citizen science. We prioritize hands-on learning to foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Through real-world challenges and group projects, students enhance their academic knowledge and life skills. Our program integrates STEAM initiatives, encouraging interdisciplinary thinking through hands-on experiments, coding, art, and engineering. Our holistic approach caters to each student's needs, fostering academic and social growth. Our goal is to promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills through meaningful enrichment activities, expanding horizons, and cultivating a lifelong love for learning.

Program Hours

School Site

Regular Day

Minimum Day


2:20pm - 6:00pm

1:20pm - 6:00pm

Linden El

2:15pm - 6:00pm

1:20pm - 6:00pm


2:50pm - 6:00pm

1:45pm - 6:00pm


2:30pm - 6:00pm

1:25pm - 6:00pm

Attendance & Early Release Policy

Per Education Code Section 8483(a)(1), the After School Education and Safety funded programs in elementary schools shall commence immediately upon conclusion of the regular school day, operate a minimum of 15 hours per week, and remain open until at least 6 p.m. on every regular school day. Every program shall establish a policy regarding reasonable early daily release of pupils from the program.

Per Education Code Section 8483(a)(2), it is the intent of the Legislature that elementary school pupils participate in the full day of the program every day during which pupils participate.

Attendance Requirement: Students are required to attend the Expanded Learning Program daily from school dismissal until 6:00pm.

Early Release Policy: We recognize that families may have specific needs for early release from the program. Linden Unified School District’s Expanded Learning Programs will encourage students to participate from school dismissal until 6:00pm. Release after attending for a minimum of 90 minutes will be permitted for those families who express a transportation or safety need. In addition, early release may be granted prior to the 90-minute minimum under the specific circumstances outlined below:

  • ER-1: Participation in a parallel program (i.e., sports, dance, religious education classes, etc.).
  • ER-2: Documented medical, dental, or counseling appointments (requires a note from the physician).
  • ER-3: Family Obligation, Custodial Matters, or Family Emergencies (requires court documents or in case of a family emergency).
  • ER-4: Sent home from the program due to injury, illness, or behavioral issues (with parent/guardian notification).
  • ER-5: Safety or transportation considerations (applicable only after attending for a minimum of 90 minutes), including restricted transportation or other safety considerations (as assessed by the site lead or ELP director).


Non-Compliance: Students must adhere to the attendance and early release policy and maintain regular participation. Students who have three or more unexcused or unverified absences will be removed from the program. Similarly, students who are picked up after 6:00pm will be removed from the program after their third late pick-up.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the regular attendance and successful engagement of your child in our Expanded Learning Program at the Linden Unified School District.

Discipline Policy

At the LUSD Expanded Learning Program, we are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all participants. To address behavioral issues, we follow a structured step process that includes interventions and supports before considering disciplinary actions. Our goal is to help students understand and learn from their behavior while ensuring a positive experience for all.


Step 1: Initial Intervention and Support

We initiate our approach to addressing behavioral issues by tailoring various supportive strategies to meet the unique needs of our students. Our dedicated staff is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment. When a behavioral issue arises, we respond by implementing a range of techniques. These strategies encompass visual schedules, rewards, one-on-one support, alternative seating arrangements, redirection, structured breaks, and other personalized approaches designed to address the specific challenges faced by each student.


 Step 2: Actions Taken to Address Behavior

If the initial interventions do not yield the desired results, our staff takes additional steps to address behavior effectively. This involves providing instruction to teach or reteach correct behavior and, in some cases, implementing restorative solutions. Temporary adjustments, such as the temporary loss of participation in specific activities, may be considered as deemed appropriate. Communication plays a vital role in this process, with staff engaging in conferences with students to facilitate problem-solving and address the behavioral concerns. Parents or guardians are also contacted to discuss the situation and seek their input, fostering a collaborative approach to resolving issues.


Step 3: Discipline Considerations and Referral System

In situations where repeated interventions and actions fail to produce the desired improvements in behavior, we carefully assess more serious consequences, including the possibility of removing a student from the Expanded Learning Program. The specific actions taken are determined by evaluating the nature and severity of the behavior. Importantly, these decisions are communicated transparently and clearly to both the student and their parents or guardians. The ultimate decision regarding removal from the program is made jointly by the Director of Expanded Learning Programs and the Director of Child Welfare and Attendance, always with a focus on the overall well-being and safety of all program participants.

Funding, Access, and FAQs

Glenwood Elementary, Linden Elementary, Waverly Elementary, and Waterloo Middle School are funded by the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program and the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO Program or ELO-P).

The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program results from the 2002 voter-approved initiative, Proposition 49. This proposition amended California Education Code (EC) Section 8482 to expand and rename the former Before and After School Learning and Safe Neighborhood Partnerships Program. The ASES Program funds the establishment of local after-school education and enrichment programs. Grant funding is restricted funding and must provide direct services to students during expanded learning hours.

The Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Program provides funding for afterschool and summer school enrichment programs for kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) through sixth grade as described in California Education Code (EC) Section 46120, amended by AB 181 (Chapter 52, Statutes of 2022) and AB 185 (Chapter 571, Statutes of 2022).