Enrollment Information

To express your interest in enrolling your student in the Expanded Learning Program, kindly complete and submit the Interest for Enrollment form below to the school office, district office, or ELP office. Please note that we request you to proceed with filling out this form only if you possess a minimum of 50% legal guardianship.


Please note that completing the ELP Interest for Enrollment form does not guarantee enrollment in the Expanded Learning Program. By submitting the form, your student(s) will be added to our waitlist. Please note that you will not receive any immediate notification or phone call until an opening becomes available.


Your student's name will be added to our waitlist in the order it is received. The length of the waitlist and waiting times may vary depending on the school site. As openings become available, students will be enrolled from the waitlist. Once an opening becomes available for your student(s), the program's site lead will contact you.