Intra & Inter-District Transfers

Outgoing & Inter-District Transfers
We will be accepting 24-25 School Year requests Starting February 1, 2024.
This form is used to request a transfer out of Linden Unified School District to attend school in another school district. Please make sure that you enter the correct grade level, the student will be in for the 2024-2025 school year. If LUSD approves your child(ren)'s transfer out of the district, a copy of the approved request will be sent to the requested district. The requested district will notify you of their decision once they have processed the transfer request.  Reminder, students in grades TK-10 are required to re-apply each year for the following school year.
New Intra-District Transfer Requests
We are currently accepting intra-district transfer requests for the 2023/2024 school year. 
We will start accepting intra-district transfer requests for the 2024/2025 school year on February 1, 2024. 
(Note: once an intra-district transfer is approved, in accordance with AR5116.1, once enrolled, a student shall not be required to apply for readmission unless specified upon approval. However, the student may be subject to displacement due to excessive enrollment, grades, discipline, and attendance.)
Frequently Asked Question on Inter & Intra District Transfer Requests
What is the difference between and Intra and an Inter-District Transfer?
  • An Intra-District transfer is a transfer within Linden Unified School District from one school to another school
  • An Inter-District transfer permit is a transfer from one school district to another school district.
What form do I need?
  • I want to transfer to another school within Linden Unified School District: Intra-District Transfer Request
  • I want to transfer out of Linden Unified School District to another school district: Inter-District Transfer Request
  • If you are transferring to another high school for a "special program", please include proof of acceptance with your transfer request.
I live outside of the Linden U.S.D. attendance area.  How do I enroll in your district?
  • If you live in another school district attendance area and would like to attend one of our schools in Linden U.S.D., you will need to start the transfer process at the district office where you live.  Completed forms are turned in to your district for processing. Once approved, your resident district will send the Inter-District Transfer Form to Linden Unified School District to review, approve, or deny. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to include records of attendance, grades and discipline when submitting the transfer request.  We will notify you of the decision after your request is processed.
How do I submit a Linden U.S.D. transfer request form?
Once completed, transfer request forms can be submitted several different ways:
  • Scan and Email to:  [email protected]
  • In Person: Linden U.S.D. District Office 18527 E. Main St. Linden, CA  95236
  • Fax: 209-887-2250
  • Please be sure that the form is filled out completely and print is legible.  Include your most recent report card, attendance, and discipline record. We must be able to read your information or it can delay processing.
How is my transfer processed?
  • Once a request is received, it must be reviewed by a district administrator.  Processing times for incoming transfers vary depending on the time of year it is received.  Future requests to attend schools in Linden U.S.D. (for the following school year) are reviewed after school ends. Outgoing transfer requests typically take 3 weeks.
  • The inter-district transfer is a two-part process. Linden U.S.D. first must release the student. If that permission is granted, the transfer is sent to the requested district. At that point, the final decision is up to the requested district.  They will contact you with their decision.  
How will I know the status of my transfer request?
  • You will be notified via U.S. Mail once the transfer request is approved or denied.
  • If you are requesting to transfer from Linden U.S.D. to another school district, that school district will notify you once it is finalized on their end. 
How often do I need to submit a transfer request?
  • If you are attending a school in our district through an Inter-district transfer, it must be renewed EVERY YEAR.  Inter-district transfer requests are only good for the school year it is approved for. 
  • If you are attending a school in our district through an Intra-district transfer, an annual renewal is not necessary.  A student will stay at the transfer school until completing 8th grade unless there becomes an issue of space or the transfer contract is violated.  In which case the transfer may be revoked.
Can my transfer request be revoked?
  • Inter-district Attendance Transfer Agreement may be revoked for violation of state laws or district rules and regulations.
  • Inter-district transfer students must comply with the following:
    1.  Student must maintain a satisfactory record of daily attendance. Reporting to class tardy is NOT acceptable. Tardiness causes a disruption to the classroom and school procedures. Repeated tardiness and unexcused / excessive absences may result in District revocation of this agreement.
    2. Student must maintain a satisfactory record of citizenship. Unsatisfactory reports in this area will not be tolerated and this agreement will be terminated. Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for information regarding appropriate citizenship at school.
    3. Student must maintain a satisfactory record of academic progress. Grades of less than average progress will be cause for student/parent/teacher/administrator review. It is expected that all students will complete daily assignments and homework as assigned in at least a satisfactory manner. Parent-Teacher conferences are encouraged at any time during the school year. Please contact your child’s teacher as soon as you feel there is an area of concern.
Do I have any options if my transfer request is denied?
  • A parent may appeal a school district’s decision regarding a request for inter-district transfer, within 30 calendar days of the date of the school district’s final denial, to the county board of education.
  • Failure by the parent to appeal within the required time is good cause for rejection of an appeal. An appeal shall be accepted only upon verification by the county board of education’s designee that appeals within the school districts have been exhausted within the timelines provided pursuant to Section 46600.2. If new evidence or grounds for the request are introduced, the county board of education may remand the matter for further consideration by the school district or districts. In all other cases, the appeal shall be granted or denied on its merits.
  • Additional information on the appeal process can be found in Education Code 46601.